Montse Lucena, formadora en ventas.


I have worked as optician and optometrist, since 1995, achieving the best results for THE VISION of the client and the performance of the company.

Trained as a sales trainer, I have learned in all this time, that achieving the best results is a matter of psychological and emotional vision. In addition to professionalism and specialization.

Passionate about the study of light, the image and the human mind. With great ability to imagine and connect knowledge, a time has come when my mission is to offer and share it.

My function is to show how realities are created, from our mind and our own vibration.

What do I offer?

I offer you multiply your profits and those of your company with sales formations, which make you a sales Magician.
Through my sales courses, I transmit to you what I have learned all these years.
If you are interested in knowing, how I help your sales team improve their results,
I invite you to contact me here:

If you learn TO SEE clarly, you become a Magician.

Contact Me

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